Jasmin C.

Absolutely love it here!

I transferred from another obgyn that seemed to rush through my appointment, and wanted to get it over with. Completely opposite here! Walking in I saw that the waiting area was very clean and inviting. The whole staff was warm and attentive. The nurse was caring, and considerate to all my concerns. Dr. Monica had all my best interests in mind, and made sure I left feeling good about my visit, and that all my questions were answered.

I’m so blessed to have found this place. Being that this is my first pregnancy, I have had a lot of concerns. I now know that I can check “finding the right prenatal care physician” off that list.

Thank you for a great experience!


Monique H.

This place is amazing! I have been coming here for both of my pregnancies and Monica is so humbling and sweet. The staff is great! I had some complications with this pregnancy and Monica made me feel so reassured!


Andrea H.

Had my first prenatal visit about 3 weeks ago and as most I’m sure, I was extremely nervous. Walking into the office, it had the comforts of home and the staff was very nice. The assistant that drew my blood was so helpful and very gentle. I didnt feel a thing! The NP was also very helpful and informative and I am looking forward to continuing my pregnancy at this office. Thank you guys!.


Catherine R.

Monica was my obgyn for the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I had to change to a different obgyn because of my insurance. But I miss her dearly! She’s a great ob and she really takes the time to talk to her patients and make them feel comfortable. I would recommend her to all of you soon to be mommies!!


Melvin G.

There’s no one else I would recommend OBGYN doctor other than Dr. Monica Palma. She was the best OBGYN that we have ever had. My wife and I didn’t have insurance and we went there for a free pregnancy test offer that we found on google! The whole staff was really friendly. Guided us and tell us what to do. The whole team was excited for us! Like they are part of our family! Our first visit was when we are at 5 weeks pregnancy. After the pregnancy test, the nurse told us to register for the full check up and make appointment. We told them that we didn’t have any insurance yet at that time, but they were really nice and helping us and telling us that there’s a way to keep visiting them while our insurance and our paperworks taken care of. The next visit we got full exam, ultrasound. The whole staff and Dr Monica was really really friendly. This is our first pregnancy, so we had all those stupid and silly questions that we asked the staff and the doctor, they still answer it with a friendly attitude and a smile. Fast forward to the 20 weeks of pregnancy, we need to change OBGYN because our insurance details has changed. We thought all doctors are like Dr. Monica. Very nice, friendly and helpful. Oh oh boy i was wrong (see my other reviews about Dr Raymond Barajas). It’s so hard to find a great doctor. I really recommend this place and Dr Monica. We were so sad that we have to find another Doctor. If you are in need of a great OBGYN, please look no more. Come to this place and you will feel like you are home. Everyone here will take care of you. The nice and clean living room, which what they have, is just a bonus. The most important thing is you are in a good hand. Seriously. Thank you so much Dr. Monica!!!!


Kai K.

This is the most friendliest prenatal facility in the area. The receptionist and nurses were polite. Monica was sweet and answered all my questions. I’d definitely continue my prenatal visits here.


Yazmin M.

I went there for my first visit in June 6 2016 and I saw dr Monica Palma the staff is great , I really like the way they help me and Iam looking forward of going there for the rest of my pregnancy I would recommend this office to any mom


Domo G.

This is my very first pregnancy, and after a disappointing appointment at another clinic, I expected to be sent home with no news about how far along I was, no ultrasound, no nothing, just like the last clinic. How wrong I was! The staff was wonderful! The ladies were so sweet and patient! Right when I got called to the back, they took my vitals, sent me to the restroom with samples, and took blood right away! I saw the nurse practitioner a few minutes later and she was an ANGEL! So sweet and calming. She gave me a full physical, and I finally got an ultrasound and I due date. Someone finally let me know how far along I was! I was given vitamins at the end of the visit. My boyfriend and I were literally relieved after the appointment. I felt cared for, safe, and informed. I had a great experience and highly recommend this facility! Thank you guys so much for taking care of me! I cant wait to come back!


Blanca R.

I’ve been to this office for only a couple of months and I’ve had a great experience for my first pregnancy. I highly recommend Advanced Healthcare for Women and Children!


Alexis t.

Very caring and understanding! All the nurses and staff are so friendly. They make you feel like family and I absolutely love Dr. Palma! If I ever have anymore kids this will always be my doctor from this moment on!

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