Presumptive Eligibility Program

Presumptive Eligibility Program offers healthcare coverage to uninsured pregnant women in California, and our office now offers the Presumptive Eligibility Program!

Prompt Prenatal Care:

If you suspect you're pregnant, seek immediate care for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Early diagnosis is key. Don't let income, immigration status, or insurance hold you back; our Presumptive Eligibility Program can help cover tests and prenatal care. Contact our office, and our staff will assist with your questions and appointment concerns. If you're uninsured, we'll guide you on accessing prenatal care and health insurance through the program.

No-Cost Pregnancy Testing:

We provide free pregnancy tests. If it's positive and you're uninsured, we offer emergency Medi-Cal eligibility. This program is for California residents with family income below a certain threshold who believe they're pregnant and lack health insurance or Medi-Cal for prenatal care.

Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women:

Our Presumptive Eligibility Program allows us to provide eligible women with a temporary Medi-Cal card at their first prenatal appointment. Our team at Advanced Healthcare for Women & Children can assist you in obtaining health coverage through this program.

Call (909) 581-4667 for the Presumptive Eligibility Program.

Eligibility for Presumptive Eligibility Program (PE)

For the Presumptive Eligibility Program Call (909) 581-4667

Eligibility for the Presumptive Eligibility (PE) for Pregnant Women program is open to any woman who believes she's pregnant and has a family income below a specified threshold. Our clinic, Advanced Healthcare for Women & Children, can assess your eligibility right in our office.

Once enrolled in the PE program, you'll have access to convenient walk-in prenatal care visits, medications for pregnancy-related conditions, specialist referrals, prenatal vitamins, and necessary pregnancy-related laboratory tests.

Enrolling in the Presumptive Eligibility Program (PE)

We can help you enroll in for PE Call (909) 581-4667

Who will help me enroll in the PE program?

Our staff at Advanced Healthcare for Women & Children can help you enroll in the program, if you are interested. You must formally apply for Medi-Cal at the County Department of Social Services before the expiration date on your temporary Medi-Cal card (paper). Advanced Healthcare for Women & Children will then extend your temporary Medi-Cal card for up to 2 months. The county will determine if you are eligible to receive Medi-Cal. If you are determined to be eligible for Medi-Cal you will be mailed a Medi-Cal Beneficiary Identification Card.

What do I do with the Medi-Cal card when it comes in the mail?

You should notify Advanced Healthcare for Women & Children that you now have Medi-Cal. You should stop using your temporary Medi-Cal Card (paper) and begin using your new Medi-Cal card.

Classic Symptoms of Pregnancy

Missed period

This is the earliest and most reliable sign if you have a regular monthly cycle. Though it is possible to have a little light bleeding or spotting around the time you expected your period, even if you’re pregnant. If you don’t have a regular cycle, you may notice some of the other pregnancy symptoms before you notice a missed period.

Feeling tired

You may feel unusually tired in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is probably due to rising levels of the hormone progesterone. You may start feeling sick, and even vomit, between about the 2nd and 8th week of pregnancy. Although this is often called ‘morning sickness’ it can happen to you at any time of the day or night.

Changes in your breasts

You may notice your breasts getting larger, feeling tender, or tingling (the way some women’s breasts do just before they get their period) in the early weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the veins on your breasts may show up more and your nipples may get darker.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Going to the bathroom more often

About 6-8 weeks after conception you may find that you have to get up in the night to go to the bathroom. Some pregnant women also find that they 'leak' a bit when they cough, laugh or sneeze.

Mood swings and stress

You may feel rapid changes in mood in the early stages of pregnancy, and even start to cry sometimes, without knowing why. This is probably because of the changes in hormone levels taking place in your body.

Changing tastes in food

You may find you go off certain things like tea, coffee or fatty food. Some women also feel cravings for types of food they don’t usually like. If you suspect you might be pregnant and are experiencing these symptoms, you should come in to our office for a free pregnancy test.

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