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Ultrasounds Offered

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Advanced Healthcare for Women OBGYN performs ultrasounds in our office on our pregnant patients! We would love for patients and family members to come in for your appointment. The ultrasounds are offered at many prenatal visits. All of our patients get a variety of ultrasounds for medical purposes to ensure the health of their baby.

Advanced Healthcare for Women performs ultrasounds for numerous reasons. All patients have an ultrasound of their baby at 20 weeks, which includes the “anatomy ultrasound scan” where clinicians measure the baby’s body, check the baby’s organs, and assess its growth. Our clinicians want to ensure the health of your baby at this appointment. If there are any problems detected with your baby at this ultrasound appointment, our clinicians will refer patient’s to the Pomona Valley Perinatal Center’s Perinatal Center, who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, to be evaluated.

Before 20 weeks (around 10 to 14 weeks in the pregnancy), our clinicians order an “NT ultrasound scan” to check the baby for abnormalities (problems). This ultrasound is optional for patients who desire to know if there are chromosomal abnormalities (problems) with their baby. Our ultrasounds are all performed in our office.

3D 4D Ultrasound  Services

Many pregnant women and future dads want to see more of their little one before it arrives. For people who are hoping to get a sneak peak at their baby’s appearance, the 3D 4D ultrasound is a great choice. At Advanced Healthcare for Women and Children,  we offer parents the option to see their baby in a 3D 4D ultrasound, which gives them extra glimpse at their baby throughout the pregnancy. Many of our patients enjoy seeing their baby with 3D 4D portfolio_006ultrasounds that we perform in our office. During this ultrasound appointment, parents will get to watch their tiny baby move, kick and dance around inside the womb — all with the amazing effects of 3D 4D ultrasound technology.

The last weeks of pregnancy can be a trying time for anyone, so sometimes taking a peek at your growing baby is the best way to boost your spirits. The 3D 4D ultrasound can be performed anytime between 14 weeks and 35 weeks. You can choose the age and stage that you want to see before scheduling your appointment.

It’s important to remember that 3D 4D ultrasounds are completely optional and never replace prenatal care. For this reason, Advanced Healthcare for Women and Children require patients to have their regular prenatal check-ups and ultrasounds that the healthcare providers recommend. 3D 4D ultrasounds are optional at our office and are simply available for you to enjoy your baby if you desire to see your baby in a 3D4D ultrasound setting. To find out more information about this unique experience and to schedule your ultrasound appointment, contact Advanced Healthcare for Women and Children today.

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